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Dehumidifiers outside

Dehumidifiers Prepared for Water Damages in Texas

Did you know our Disaster Recovery Team is willing to travel across the country whenever needed? This past February, our team traveled to Texas due to Winter Storm Uri's immense effect. As always, our team had more than enough equipment to handle the job. 

humans sitting on chairs

A Quarterly Team Reflection

Our team here at SERVPRO of Harrisburg West gathered this week to take a look back at the year 2020. The meeting was informative and fun and exactly what was needed to kick off the year 2021!

woman behind computer

An Office Team You Can Trust

Here at SERVPRO of Harrisburg West, our SERVPRO Office Team is always ready for your call. With 24/7 availability, you can be sure that we'll be there to help during your time in need. Whether the problem be big or small, close or far, SERVPRO has you covered!


SERVPRO New Cumberland/Carlisle cares about the communities that surround us. Our business is built around being quick and efficient at our jobs so that our communities are safe and protected. This is a photo of our own Bruce Carey and our franchise neighbor Jeff, during a shoeboxing event to bring gifts to children in need.

Warped Floorboards

Without the proper care, a puddle as small as this can completely destroy your floors as well as everything below them. Call on us right away to repair and restore warped hardwood flooring.

After Effects of a Storm

They can easily cause your power to go out, which can cause your sub pump to fail...which brings you the joy of having to deal with a flooded basement.

We aren't afraid to do the dirty work and make sure the damage doesn't hurt any other systems in your home (much like this risk pictured here).

SERVPRO of Metro Pittsburgh is here to help! We work with your insurance for an easy claims process, insuring we take care of things, so you don't have to!

Storms Cause Major Indoor Flooding

They can easily cause your power to go out, which can cause your sub pump to fail...which brings you the joy of having to deal with a flooded basement.

We aren't afraid to do the dirty work and make sure the damage doesn't hurt any other systems in your home (much like this risk pictured here).

SERVPRO of Mew Cumberland/Carlisle is here to help! We work with your insurance for an easy claims process, ensuring we take care of things, so you don't have to!

Commercial Roof Damaged During Storm

A roof collapsed at a large warehouse in the city of Greentree during a late-night rain and hail storm. Our crews responded in the middle of the night and began clearing contents so that they could set containment and begin the water removal process. 

Continued Education In Session

Every few months we host Continued Education classes about the restoration industry in our own conference rooms!

Demolition Under Way

This photo shows a glimpse of one of the many tactics we use to contain a situation such as this. A fire broke out in this house causing extreme damage to the walls and caving in the ceiling along with the air ducts. With SERVPRO we can get to work not only installing the new air ducts but demolishing and rebuilding the affected walls and ceilings. With SERVPRO, have it all in one call.

Kitchen Cave-In

This is a difficult situation. A fire breaks out in a home and the ceiling caves in on itself from the heat below causing debris to fall, damaging the kitchen below. With one call, all of this is swept away. No need to call three separate contractors yourself, SERVPRO will do all the work under one roof because we want to be the best part of your worst day.  

Flooded Hallway

When ceiling tiles are overlooked, they could become this. Floors flooded, ceiling weighted down waiting to cave in. Without the proper team of mitigation and restoration professionals, this hallway could be repaired improperly, with clean but moldy smelling floors, and white but flimsy ceiling tiles. Call the professionals at SERVPRO to restore your business to a better than new quality.

Early Sign of Water Damage

Ceiling tile stains are nothing to overlook. They are always the first sign that you may have a very serious issue literally looming over your head. Do not overlook these, have a SERVPRO professional come out to assess the possible cause in order to mitigate any damage that could occur.

Large Commercial Restoration

No matter what size job, SERVPRO is always ready to tackle it. In this photograph, you can see our team onsite at a large commercial facility loss working to restore the facility to its former glory. If you have a large commercial loss, give us a call!

Flooded Facility

No matter how large the commercial job, we here at our SERVPRO are always ready to take it on. Our team is highly and efficiently trained and are most well equipped to clean up flooding or any other type of damage in your facility. If you have suffered a large loss, give us a call!

Drying Equipment On Commercial Loss

We placed our drying equipment which created air movement that aided in helping the moisture evaporate from the effected area. You can see in this photo that we have placed our air movers within this commercial facility for that exact purpose.

How to remove water from a large commercial facility?

If your church or any other large commercial or community facility has water damage, SERVPRO is willing and able to help extract, repair, and/or dry all of the affected areas. Once all of the water, moisture and drying has been complete, our team can help put all the pieces back together, making it like new. 

Storm Damaged Facility

This building had damage to the ceiling caused by storms and heavy rain that had recently impacted our area. It had let rain trickle into the facility which had caused flooding on the inside that caused this facility to shut down for a few days while we came in a repaired the damage.

Flooded Crawlspace

Severe rain had caused flooding in this area due to the heavy storming that had recently been occurring, this crawlspace was over flowed with water and moisture. Our team responded immediately and were quickly able to remove all the water and repair all the damage done by the storm.

Storm Water In Home

This home was damaged by storm water flooding when heavy storms caused major problems in our area. We utilized our air movers, HEPA filtered air scrubbers, and dehumidifiers to complete the job of removing the water.

Roof Storm Damage

Storm damage had hit this home with a great percentage of its roof missing. The family was shaken up and concerned about the multitude of process for the restoration. We understand how difficult these circumstances are so we attempt to formulate a written plan and execute it as quickly as possible. It is something concise and understandable which a family that has been through the trauma of a storm can wrap their heads and hands around and draw on for hope. 

Sewage Backup In Bathroom

This home's bathroom had sewage residue that backed up and caused the damage you see in the image. Sewage backups can happen for many reasons, but our SERVPRO is always there to assist if it ever happens to you!

When Water Loss Strikes

Water loss always seems to hit at the worst possible time, however don't let water loss hinder you! It clearly did not stop the people at this nearby gym. Our SERVPRO quickly arrived at the location to start and complete our water loss restoration.

Detecting Water Damage

Water damage in a local residence and/or corporate office can be hidden from our eyes and can not be sensed by touch. That is why our SERVPRO uses state of the art hi-tech moisture detection equipment to locate unseen and difficult to detect moisture.

Water Damaged Bathroom

This public restroom was damaged by severe water damage. Water and moisture covered most of the tiles. Our SERVPRO came in and cleaned and cleared the mess. Our SERVPRO provides 24-hour emergency service and is committed to being quick to any size or any type of disaster.

Structural Fire Repair

We sent a specialized team on site to start the cleanup and repair process after a fire had damaged and destroyed the structural integrity of an entire building. Our team had experience and training to handle and complete the job from its start to its finish. 

Dishes cleaned Professionally

Our SERVPRO team entered a residential home after a fire. The home itself was unrecognizable as it had completely burned to the ground. However we were able to do some good and restore some of their cherished possessions to pre-fire conditions.

Kitchen Fire

This kitchen had suffered severe damage from a fire. The kitchen was fully restored to pre-fire condition thanks to our team.

Fire Damaged Couch

A couch was covered and damaged by smoke from a fire. Thanks to our SERVPRO team the piece of furniture was fully restored, as they possessed the materials needed to fix and protect the couch. 

Charred Garage from a Fire

A garage was damaged harshly by fire in. unwashed oiled rags and gas canisters were the unnecessary culprits. Proper storage of these flammable materials will help to prevent the burdens associated with the clean-ups and odor controls by SERVPRO technicians 

Burst pipe at Lutherville Office Building

A hot water pipe had burst in one of the office suites and had affected 4-5 offices and common areas in their suite. Our crew supervisor and highly trained team arrived in just over an hour after receiving the alert. Our quick response and attention to detail met the approval and satisfaction of the property management team that was onsite. SERVPRO is there when you need us.

Ice Storm in Towson North Commercial Building

SERVPRO of Hunt Valley/Lutherville was called in to help with the extraction of water that was in the building. The carpets and pad could remain in the building since the water came from a clean source. Had the building flooded from outside water there would have been a lot more demolition of the walls and flooring. Continual extraction and drying had this building good as new.

Drying Equipment

This office space suffered from a water loss after a pipe break.  There was a significant amount of water on the floors and spreading throughout the offices.  The air movers were put in place to dry the area quickly and prevent future damages. 

The Championship Team

Here at SERVPRO we try our best to keep morale as high as possible. If that calls for having one of our valued employees bringing in a WWE replica belt and posing like a championship wrestling team? We are more than happy to oblige.

Casserole for Charity

Trish Wall and Bruce Carey prepare meals for Catholic Charities of Baltimore's "Our Daily Bread" Casserole program. This program provides over 700 hot meals daily and we are proud to play a part.