Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Demolition Under Way

This photo shows a glimpse of one of the many tactics we use to contain a situation such as this. A fire broke out in this house causing extreme damage to the walls and caving in the ceiling along with the air ducts. With SERVPRO we can get to work not only installing the new air ducts but demolishing and rebuilding the affected walls and ceilings. With SERVPRO, have it all in one call.

Kitchen Cave-In

This is a difficult situation. A fire breaks out in a home and the ceiling caves in on itself from the heat below causing debris to fall, damaging the kitchen below. With one call, all of this is swept away. No need to call three separate contractors yourself, SERVPRO will do all the work under one roof because we want to be the best part of your worst day.  

Structural Fire Repair

We sent a specialized team on site to start the cleanup and repair process after a fire had damaged and destroyed the structural integrity of an entire building. Our team had experience and training to handle and complete the job from its start to its finish. 

Dishes cleaned Professionally

Our SERVPRO team entered a residential home after a fire. The home itself was unrecognizable as it had completely burned to the ground. However we were able to do some good and restore some of their cherished possessions to pre-fire conditions.

Kitchen Fire

This kitchen had suffered severe damage from a fire. The kitchen was fully restored to pre-fire condition thanks to our team.

Fire Damaged Couch

A couch was covered and damaged by smoke from a fire. Thanks to our SERVPRO team the piece of furniture was fully restored, as they possessed the materials needed to fix and protect the couch. 

Charred Garage from a Fire

A garage was damaged harshly by fire in. unwashed oiled rags and gas canisters were the unnecessary culprits. Proper storage of these flammable materials will help to prevent the burdens associated with the clean-ups and odor controls by SERVPRO technicians