Commercial Photo Gallery

Commercial Roof Damaged During Storm

A roof collapsed at a large warehouse in the city of Greentree during a late-night rain and hail storm. Our crews responded in the middle of the night and began clearing contents so that they could set containment and begin the water removal process. 

Early Sign of Water Damage

Ceiling tile stains are nothing to overlook. They are always the first sign that you may have a very serious issue literally looming over your head. Do not overlook these, have a SERVPRO professional come out to assess the possible cause in order to mitigate any damage that could occur.

Large Commercial Restoration

No matter what size job, SERVPRO is always ready to tackle it. In this photograph, you can see our team onsite at a large commercial facility loss working to restore the facility to its former glory. If you have a large commercial loss, give us a call!

Flooded Facility

No matter how large the commercial job, we here at our SERVPRO are always ready to take it on. Our team is highly and efficiently trained and are most well equipped to clean up flooding or any other type of damage in your facility. If you have suffered a large loss, give us a call!

Drying Equipment On Commercial Loss

We placed our drying equipment which created air movement that aided in helping the moisture evaporate from the effected area. You can see in this photo that we have placed our air movers within this commercial facility for that exact purpose.

How to remove water from a large commercial facility?

If your church or any other large commercial or community facility has water damage, SERVPRO is willing and able to help extract, repair, and/or dry all of the affected areas. Once all of the water, moisture and drying has been complete, our team can help put all the pieces back together, making it like new.